Where’s My Head Scarf

Like so many other times I put my scarf down in a place where I knew I would be able to find it and of course it disappeared into that place where socks, keys and phones sometimes go. I am a woman of a certain age so when things go missing my mind goes to my mother who died of dementia. Recently, I’ve run into people who know my name but I don’t recall theirs. Is it because they changed their hair and the mask is off since I met them months/2 years ago?

Neuroscientist, Dr Lisa Mosconi shares that there is a connection between loss of estrogen and changes in the brains of women but most of our research is done in relation to men. According to Dr. Mosconi women have higher rates of Alzheimer’s but with awareness and preparation we can change these numbers. In my studio I have been allowing myself to experiment with materials while I think about deconstruction and reconstruction of materials. I’ve been playing with dying fabric and I wonder how all of these things are connected – if at all. I separate burlap strand by strand and connect it to weathered pieces of wood (the wood came from the deinstallation of my Safe Passage work). I’m incorporating burlap, muslin, lighting, ebony strips of wood. It is still very much a work in progress which changes every time I am in studio. I welcome a brainstorming session with anyone willing to venture into this space.

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