root to rise

Jaz Graf working at Aferro Studios, 2021. Photo by Laos Fois.

So much gratitude for

teachers that have planted seeds, provided encouragement, asked complex questions and shown interest

artists, weirdos, outliers, misfits, wallflowers, wild cards

communities that help with feeling seen and heard

studio space & studio practice

friends and neighbors that come to shows and stay connected

discovering the magic of one’s own hidden mysteries, of family histories, of things that don’t quite make sense and aren’t supposed to, in quiet songs of ancestors…

recognition from those in our fields

funding for projects with small starts and immense futures

the luxury of failure

other artists known and unknown, the influencers that invisibly held the hands of those that walk the path, the ones written about in sketchbooks, scribbled, jotted on random slips left on tables and in bags, notes near the bed and remnants that reside on bookshelves traveled over 14 countries, 6 homes, 4 lives, still emanating in the practice of how to see, how to unthink impossibilities, artists of the everyday, beloved studio mates, colleagues, the eternal tribe, e-art peeps, ones to read about, links to hunt, absinthe of the spirit of my heART

plants that speak

hands that spark

joy that follows

enoughness and in-betweeness

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