Baby’s First Art Gallery Job

Starting a new responsibility of any kind is often intimidating, and my internship at Gallery Aferro was no different. But Juno Zago could not have been kinder, and was grateful for any scrap of help I provided, no matter how small. I’m incredibly thankful that Juno, Candace, Donna, Emma, Jesse, and all of the many artists and staff members I met during my ten weeks were so welcoming and made me feel like I belonged in this space that was so new to me.

I learned so much about so many things I could never list them all here. I really felt like a contributor to the most recent exhibition, “Tell Me More About Yourself”, and it is an experience I will never forget, from the installation to the administration.

I think the perspective that was the most enlightening was the financial aspect, as I had always been completely clueless when it came to how artists price work, and I knew very little about how art was bought and sold. Through my work at Aferro, I was able to glean more of an understanding of the price ranges of different artworks, as well as the great variety of what kind of work is accepted for exhibition.

Additionally, though it may be a little less relevant, seeing the many artist studio spaces was incredible, and I felt privileged to see these spaces in their natural state (as the artists were not present and had not prepared for tour or visitation). I learned a lot about their different practices, processes, and the kind of things they just can’t help but hoard for future projects.

My internship was an amazing experience, and I hope to visit Gallery Aferro again soon.

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