A time of reflection…

I’ve spent my time writing as of late – the only way I can begin projects. I’ve been traveling to different waterways here in NJ, sitting by water, and writing about and above and within water. I want to share a poem that will catapult some drawings, textile pieces, and drawings in the next few weeks. 

“There are portals deep in the ocean”

Sirens – a sound unkind to our senses. 

I want to hear numb


Like the moment my ears become covered with liquid blue

A dipping of wet building latency and allowing for my grandiose to float in transparency

I can imagine what sound can do when it isn’t alarming


I’ve felt this

A smooth pass over the tip of my lip

The subtle vibration at the edge of my canal

The bumps slightly raised at the top of my spinal chord

My body’s weight understood

And yet


Still not present


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