Scars are proof

Scars are proof, they couldn’t kill Gods
|PE 0046|Akua Njeri
Mixed Media on Canvas; Approx. cm x cm (61in. x 39in.)

Akua slept beside her fiancé Fred Hampton the night of his assassination. She was 19 years old and more than eight months pregnant. She describes hearing the first shots near the front of the apartment and immediately attempting to shield Hampton with her body. When the shooting stopped police dragged her by the top of her head out of the room. She recalls a police voice saying “He’s barely alive; he’ll barely make it,”

Reference photo
Early wip

followed by more gunshots.

 She heard another police voice utter”He’s good and dead now.” Then she was handcuffed and led by police from the apartment with a gun pressed to her pregnant belly.

She would continue her black nationalist activism for many more years. Akua is the chairperson of the December 4th Committee, which “fights to defend and maintain the legacy of the Black Panther Party.


Scars are the proof they couldn’t kill Gods

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