Parallel Migrations XXI

perilous journey _7846.JPG

This interior version of Parallel Migrations, titled Perilous Journeys, utilizes the sculptural elements found in the Parallel Migrations ocean installations as well as beach debris. The latter references the untimely deaths of refugees and migrants in their attempts to reach lands of sanctuary and safety. This installation at Newark Open Doors was the motivation for an exhibit at The Printmaking Center of NJ in September 2017. 

#2 monoprint partial wall1894 copy 2.jpg

This series of unique monoprints moves around the gallery walls and in the process mimics the global migrations of millions of migrants, immigrants, and refugees. Each image references a specific event as recorded in The New York Times over the past decade.

All of the Perilous Journey prints incorporate reimagined variations of maps and photos accompanying the NYT stories and allude to the events and locations in the original narratives.

These monoprints are multilayered beginning with a background drawing on a plexiplate upon which inked mylar silhouettes (press prints) are placed. This is followed by one or more collograph inked layers of netting and/or rabbit fencing. In detailing the fabrication of these prints I am making an analogy between my process, which does not provide for a margin of error, and the perilous landscape refugees must navigate on their journeys towards sanctuary and safety.

Below is a selection of the prints which when installed read from left to right; each print corresponds to a specific city or county where multitudes of people have been in transit.

The images from top left clockwise refer to Afghanistan, Kabul (Afghanistan), Turkey, Budapest, and Lampadusa. This is a selection of over a dozen prints, all of which are structurally and technically similar. All were printed on Hahnamule paper at The Robert Blackburn Studios and measure 15.5″ x 21″.

One of the Budapest prints is currently in the Passages exhibition located in the Target Gallery in Alexandria, VA. This show runs from January 27 – March 8, 2018.

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