Delancey Street, 1972.

Delancey Street, 1972.

Everything happened on Delancey Street

On the way to Grand and the vegetable stalls

You had to cross Delancey Street

Where the hookers had a ball,

Strutting across Allen Street to the next corner,

Heels and Hot Pants all in pinks and reds and

Men in their long cars making loud noises as

They called and stopped to pick up the girls.

She and her husband moved to Maine a few years after this photo.

Her name was Joanie and she had a son whose hair blazed fire all over his head.

She lived in the loft with her husband, her son and his animals.

Now she must be long past middle-age, I wonder if she ever thinks of/remembers the look of Delancey Street from her second-floor loft, and seeing the Mexican posters for Cantinflas on the movie Marque across the street.

Matthew adored her – she could do no wrong. He lived on the third floor.

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