Glimpse: A page from a ‘Blackbook’ Work’s by TMO

A page from Rob Plater ‘TMO’ Blackbook, displayed at Gallery Aferro’s ‘Glimpse’ Sketchbook exhibition.
You can find more artwork by TMO on Instagram: @tmoplater

I really love this sketch, much like I do with all his work by Rob Plater ‘TMO’ He has a uniquely distinct and refined style, so much so, that when you see his work, you instantly know whose artwork you are looking at.

The graffiti style of his characters mixed with cartoonish proportions and realistic use of color shading and detail, makes his drawings and paintings into absolutely one of a kind works of art.

The Graffiti style and influence in his work is strong and prominent, constantly catching tags and bubble letter ’Throwies’ of “TMO” in his works as his signature.

The constant use of the graffiti in his work has become one with his style of art.

With a lot of his work, you will see things that are constant, and this is what makes his work a joy to see, you always know it will be exciting, and uniquely his.

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