This is the time that is most pleasant, from my point of view. It can be a time of no shoes and socks, no jacket, hats, or gloves. When we can steal some time to find a green space or a water place where it is possible to simply exist. Perhaps to muse about who we are and how we go forward. The compression of time to produce is not invited into this space.

My most special place is in an outdoor pool, early before anyone else has gotten themselves together for the same pursuit. Give me a half hour, I prefer sunshine over clouds. The water does not need to be particularly warm. I prefer clear water so I can see the light rays play on the pool floor as I swim laps.

Submerged in this substance I move through it with my own energy, my mind is free to wander. I can think or I can loosen all thought as I repeat over and over my count of the latest lap. I have imagined the joy it might be to be a dolphin. I have delighted at the open space of the body of water that helps to keep me off the solid earth. Water refreshes me and gives me the opportunity to pack my muscles with the strength for my tasks.

Summer Swim


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