Lace Like Water

Artist-made paper with Cyanotype by Jaz Graf

Lace Like Water I, 2019, Cyanotype on artist-made Thai mulberry paper, 55”x45”

I made this paper by boiling Thai mulberry fiber, pounding it with mallets, and drying it on a screen in a traditional eastern style. This blue-print documents my Mother’s handmade lace wedding dress.

This work and more are on display in the Wood & Paper exhibition at the WAH Center (Williamsburg Art & Historical Center) • 135 Broadway, Brooklyn, NY 11211 USA

On view and open to the public through January 14, 2023.

Curated by Yuko Nii

14 Wood Artists: Christopher Fahey, Pauline Galiana, Glen Goodenough, Garry Grant, Kumi Hirose, Luke Kooper, Paul Kruger, Clarita Liepolt, Mauricio Morillas, Cheryl Prisco, Richard Prisco, Bernette Rudolph, Larry Scaturro, Atsuko Yuma

39 Paper Artists: James Acevedo, Ayako Bando, Liz Biddle, Doug Buebe, Linda Butti, Blake Conroy, Beatrice Coron, Jaya Duvvuri, Adam Fezza & Terri Chiao, Risa Glickman, Susan Grabel, Jaz Graf, Miho Hiranouchi, Heather Hoefs, Judith Eloise Hooper, Yoko Iwanaga, Kaloyan Ivanov, Silvia Japkin, Samantha Jensen, Emma Anne Johnson, Yuko K., Sun Young Kang, Natalia Kropf, Nathaniel Lewis, Drew Maillard, Cecilia Martinez, Erin Mathewson, Irmari Nacht, Kenichi Nakajima, Yasuko Okumura, Eloa Jane Pereira, Chris Perry, Jennifer Phoenix, Tina Psoinos, Bernette Rudolph, SUPRINA, Ellie Winberg, Deapina Zografos

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